From Minnesota to the World!

It's amazing to me how the internet now connects us all across the globe, and how in many ways it closes the distance that once divided us. From my cozy home here in Minnesota, USA I can communicate with folks everywhere, and among some of us, find resonant minds and souls, who also enjoy this gathering of sorts.


I invite you to see, hear and feel the pages brought to you here. It gives me joy to bring you links to both my own work and that of artists and creative and dedicated people from near and far... a sampling of the  gifts and talents of many, that you may delight in their work and, if inclined, offer your support or patronage.


I will endeavor to bring you only links of quality and integrity and I hope and trust that, from here in my home state of Minnesota, I can spread the goodwill far and wide, to touch many others in the world from this point of connection.


Please enjoy browsing these pages and become part of the conversation!

Tom Prouty



Thank God for the Dreamers...

From dreams come possibilities...

From possibilities, realities.


Never fear to dream...


To do so is to entertain hope...

Entertaining hope brings life...

Life that sustains us.

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