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With such a wealth of talent out there in the world, it is my great pleasure to bring you some selections from the creative and inspiring works of these folks...

Featured Artist:


Lisa Carsley-Dowall,
Artist, Queensland,
AUSTRALIA                          email:

Lisa is a multimodal artist who delights in the intricasies of Nature. Her work draws on elements from the natural bushland and beach settings of East Coast Australia. She can be contacted for commissions or to arrange purchase of her works.

Lisa Carsley-Dowall

"Forest Floor"
"Bowen Beach"
"Old Trunk"
"Eve of Moths"
"Spider's Nest"
"Little Moth"
"Garden Tools"
"Banksia" (detail)
"Hawkmoths and Gum"
"Pandanus Pandanus"
Lisa Carsley-Dowall
A little about Lisa...

Since childhood I’ve enjoyed looking at the outside world, daydreaming and drawing, and I studied art in high school.  On my first overseas trip I bought an SLR camera which opened up a new world of creativity to me. 


Over the years of raising my family I enjoyed many beach and bush camping holidays, taking my sketch book and camera along to record the textures, shapes and colours of nature.  


Through my drawing and photography I am able to closely examine my subject, which is often an object or objects either from nature or from my domestic surroundings.  


Although I live in a city my cravings for the natural world are satisfied by regular weekend trips to the bush and the beach.  

While raising my family I studied Studio Ceramics, ran my own small production pottery and taught children’s clay classes. Later I joined a painting studio and exhibited in the annual shows. 


In recent years I studied for a Diploma of Visual Art and graduated with a majors in printmaking and drawing.  My works have won a few local awards.  I am a member of Impress Printmakers Group in Brisbane, Australia and participate in their annual group shows, as well as some other regional exhibitions. 


My creative working life has included work as a potter, a picture framer, a studio assistant and currently, a high school Art Dept aide, where I share my skills, enjoying the opportunities to assist and interact with the students and art teaching staff. 

I can be messaged on my Facebook page or emailed at 


Lisa Carsley Dowall 

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