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Musings on Faith

Help me, Lord, to never be timid...
Humble, yes. Contrite, yes. Timid, never!
Life is brief. Most of it doesn't come to you, especially the good stuff!
Therefore, help me to ever be courageous enough to get up and go get it,
whatever “it” might be.
The impossible? Never hesitate!
The doubtful? Help me rush to it!
The helpless? Let me bring hope!
The downtrodden? May there be no burden beyond me.
When my opportunities come, I want a “slide into first” attitude!
When privileges come, I want gratitude as my reflection.
When service comes, I want the badge of honor to prevail.
When failure comes, grant me the satisfaction to know I have tried.
May my fear never overshadow my hope.
May my sorrow never hide my joy.
And when the call for service comes, may my hand be the first to rise.
For we have such fleeting moments in which to shine. 
Life is not a dress rehearsal. 
What we say and do, matters. 
Help me, Lord, to start now and never grow weary...
of being all you meant me to be.


Words of Encouragement

Take your words of encouragement and cast them near and far,

From whatever source they come, throw them to the wind.

Release them to the world in whatever manner avails itself to you,

With no restriction, limitation or hesitation.

Such words were never meant to be private

But shared with the needs of every heart.

Do this daily, hourly or moment by moment,

Never failing to see the privilege.

For somewhere, some time, in a place you will never know,

They will land upon a heart, perhaps in a time of need, perhaps just in time.

Bringing encouragement, hope or inspiration.

These words that come to us are not ours,

They possess not ownership, now or ever.

But are given by God, on occasion, and meant to be shared.

The words are His, the blessing, ours.


Leaving the Room


I recently spoke of the two funerals I attended for the two 94 year old men. They had died having lived faithful lives. As you would expect, the services were held in large rooms. As I thought back on the experience, I thought about how the entire funeral scene was as a portrayal of life. The room as lives lived, filled with people and their experiences. At the far end of the room, a door  through which we will all pass one day. As we slowly approach the door, we can see a small sign; "No baggage beyond this point. Leave all baggage in the Repentance bin".


As we step closer, we see there is instruction on the lock. It says "To unlock the door, insert your righteousness (Your history of being right with God"). Having done so, the door opens, beyond which exists more brilliance than we have ever seen. We are filled with awe and desire to proceed. Here, there are no parameters, no horizons, as all is beyond endless. In the air, a continual chorus of victory, the reward of a life well spent, sung by the angels of saints, while the God of our dreams fills every moment of our new reality.

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