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"For the People"

an original screenplay by THOMAS D. PROUTY copyright 2014


"Roberto's testimony has had more to do with the improvement in U.S. Foreign policy regarding human rights than any other person in recent history."

Roberto Hernandez is an extraordinary man, who has lived an extraordinary life.


His story takes him from early life in San Salvador with his parents, who founded the Christian Democratic Party, through many events, trials and hardships, including his imprisonment and exile.


As a result of his experiences, he held key information that could potentially have toppled the Presidency of Ronald Reagan.


His story is captured for posterity in this gripping screenplay.

Roberto Hernandez pictured here with US Senator Senator Paul Wellstone who eventually took Roberto to Washington, DC to testify before committees of the House of Representatives, the Senate and the United Nations Truth Commission.

Interview with Roberto Gomez Hernandez
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