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With such a wealth of talent out there in the world, it is my great pleasure to bring you some selections from the creative and inspiring works of these folks...

Featured Artist:


Patrea Patrick,
Director, Documentary
Film-maker, Author, Artist & Activist

Patrea is an Independant Filmmaker, Artist and Novelist who has dedicated years of research and work to investigating essential issues affecting all Americans. Her award-winning documentary 'American Empire' joins the dots to highlight the connection between Corporate Giants and the high-level decisions that rule us and our policy and lawmakers. Her films Black Start and Offline about hardening the critical infrastructure from Cyber Wars, Terrorists, and EMP’s are leading edge information.


To take up these issues where it matters, In 2016 Patrea ran for her first time, for Congress in California's 30th District (D).

Patrea Patrick

New Release
Carmel Outlook
American Empire the Documentary
Offline- The Documentary
Carmel Sea
Trees and Seas
American Empire
The beautiful colors of Carmel, Ca.
Black Start
Titanic - A perfect Crime
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