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This from Dennis Prager...

Restoring Democracy – the undermining of the constitutional role.

"There are two types of people in the world today: The tree people and the forest people. (We need them both.) I see the forest. The undoing of the American revolution. The American revolution ideal, that of small and limited government and great citizenry is being undermined. The left represents Europe. The right represents the American revolution. It is a battle between the American revolution and the French revolution. It is nothing less than that.

Just as Christianity has a Trinity, America has a Trinity that is found on every coin and on every paper note: Liberty, In God We Trust and E. Pluribus Unum. That is the American Trinity. This has not been taught to the next generation of Americans. It is forgotten. If you ask most conservatives “What does the United States of America stand for?, they will give you a beautiful, long statement. Americans need to be able to concisely answer that question. We have a Trilogy. There is a reason it is on every coin.

The left is undermining all three aspects of the American value system. The left prefers material equality and liberty. 30% of our campuses and our millennials do not believe in freedom of speech if the speech will hurt somebodies feelings. After fifty years of left wing indoctrination, people don’t believe in freedom of speech. They believe in the right not to be offended. Liberty vs. equality. That’s number one.

Number two: In God we trust. I don’t care if you are a social liberal or a fiscal liberal, this country was founded on the belief that freedom and small government is only possible if people are accountable to a morally judging God. That is how this country was founded. The origins of America were God centered, because either God gives us rights or people give us rights. There is all the difference in the world. That principle is being undermined by the left and E. Pluribus Unum, from many, one, is being undermined by the doctrine of multiculturalism, where you are no longer all Americans. You are now African American, Hispanic American or a native American. That is not the way the country was founded. We are all Americans. That is all that matters.

The undermining of Constitutional authority is part of the undermining of the American Revolution."


Tom’s note: I well remember the years of George W. Bush. As I observed the political tension of those days, I thought “This government isn’t teaching the fundamentals of our political system today.” Little did I know how profound those observations were. Now, as they say, “The chickens have come home to roost!” Another observation is that “we are ever only seven skipped meals away from anarchy” And now, “one generation lost can alter the fate of posterity.”

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