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April, 2016

TO: JM Alum and Friends,

A few weeks ago, a special friend of ours died... Bryce Kommerstad. Bryce was a graduate from JM in 1967. Bryce was an outstanding human being, a great personality, a great academician and a gifted athlete. All who knew him have been deeply touched by his passing.


A few days after I received notice of his death, my wife and I were with some of our grandchildren. While together, they asked if we could play ball with them. Soon, there we were…ball, bat, gloves and all! As we played, I experienced a deep emotion running through me. I was thinking of Bryce. I was thinking what a vibrant, intelligent, thoughtful and capable man he was. Of course, his athleticism was vividly in my mind. No, I didn't cry. I did, however, experience a beautiful moment of silent reverence.

Shortly thereafter, I called my professional photographer friend, David Perez. I commissioned David to create a black and white photograph for me. A well worn baseball in an old baseball glove on an old, well worn step, somewhat overgrown with grass. I asked David to print a dedication on the photo, reading "In memory of Bryce, one of the best." The photo is displayed on my website at 


Anyone who knew Bryce or not will be invited to a free copy of the photograph....

In Loving Memory...

Bryce Kommerstad

Memorial Fund

Since then, I have been moved to establish a memorial fund in the Rochester community in honor of Bryce. The purpose of the fund will be to identify one student from the community for a college or vocational scholarship each year in remembrance of Bryce. The criteria MAY include:

- Academics
- Athleticism
- Community service
- Financial need

My plan is to have the fund grow financially over time, enabling the memorial to grant one educational scholarship per year on an ongoing basis. My hope, of course, is that this memorial will live on in the hearts of future JM grads.


I will take the necessary steps this week to open a depository memorial account. Individuals will be invited to commit whatever amount they would like in honor of Bryce.


I intend to form a committee of volunteers to oversee this memorial. I would like to have representation from JM classes 65' 66', 67' and 68'. 


Anyone interested will be welcome to serve. Please CONTACT ME for more information.


Best regards,

Tom Prouty

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