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" If you were to ask me to describe myself, it would go something like this:
…a guy who has loved God and received His love in return.
…who was fortunate to have loved and married the nicest person he has ever known.
…who had wanted a son, then was blessed with a son and three daughters.
…who has learned that the greatest therapy on earth is found in the presence of family.
…who has learned that the quickest route to his own heart is found by daughters.

If I were to write my own epitaph, it would say “Here lies a good man.”

If I were to tell you what makes me cry every time, it would be “All things patriotic”.

If I were to tell you the name(s) of the best friends I ever had: “My parents in law”.

My favorite spot on earth: “Arrowhead Point”.

A place I want to return to: Sydney, Australia

The moment of greatest significance in my life:  “Being at the birth of all four of our children”.

Greatest surprise in my life? “The joy found in grandchildren”

My top professional priority: “To be a published and appreciated writer”.

The slogan I would like to leave my family: “Always live within your faith”.

How do I view a half filled glass of water: “Half full”

My personal theme? “Ever optimistic”.

My purposes in offering this blog?
                A) To serve as a gathering place for other inspired people.
                B) To offer others my writings.
                C) To bring opportunities for good works to the attention of the public.
                D) To serve as a contributing member to the earth’s society for the benefit of        



Tom Prouty

Meet Tom...

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